Autodesk Dynamo Studio discontinued - can I run file in Dynamo Sandbox or Revit?

I very much a beginner if it comes to using Dynamo. Had a go using it last year for a design idea.
I used the education license of Autodesk Dynamo Studio 2017 (without Revit) to turn a Loft shape (exported as SAT file from Fusion 360) into a dia grid structure.

I did not export the result at the time and wanting to continue the project now I found out that Dynamo Studio is no longer available and discontinued by Autodesk. My education version has expired.

I still have the workspace file and the IntputGeometry.SAT file

The workspace file shows that I used
Dynamo Core\1.3\packages\LunchBox for Dynamo\bin\LunchBox.dll" function="Geometry.Structure.WireDiagrid@Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Surface

Can I reproduce the geometry in dynamo sandbox (open source) using the workspace file from dynamo studio even though the WireDiagrid seems to be Autodesk specific? Apparently Revit will still have dynamo capability; could it use the workspace file information?

Hi @StefanR ,

Not to be rude or anything, but can’t you just check it out yourself?
The Dynamo Sandbox versions are free to download and you could just open and run your script (or a copy) in there and check if it still works.

Lunchbox is a custom package (discontinued), made for use in Dynamo for Revit. It sounds like you used that.

Quite a lot of nodes that deal with import of geometry and sat files also rely on Autodesk specific dll’s if I recall correctly, so probably wont work in studio.

Hi Daan, you pointed out the obvious. I have downloaded Dynamo Sandbox and Revit 2022 and will give it a go; though Gavin might be right here. Cheers

Sorry, took a while to find some time but I have finally managed to get dynamo sandbox running on my computer (had problems with version 2.12.0 wouldn’t start due to missing .dll, however, 2.11.1 started without a problem) And the best part is that it still recognizes LunchBox as add-on. Only one custom node does not load (curve pipe) but this is a minor problem.
It might be a different story, @GavinCrump, if I was to try that on a different computer without the previously used software but this result does the job just fine. Cheers

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