Missing Customizer (Shared Workspaces) functionality in Studio 0.9.1


Users have been reporting that the Customizer (Shared Workspaces) functionality is missing in Studio 0.9.1. If this is happening to you, please try uninstalling Studio 0.9.1 and reinstalling it. We are aware of the bug and a fix will be available soon. Please reach out to us if you experience any other related issues.


Can we expect a return of the customizer for Dynamo for Revit any time soon?



Would definitely love to see this return to DynamoForRevit. The functionality was exciting and enables us to further enhance the Revit > Dynamo > FormIT Connection


Same here, I lost the Customizer option after a recent upgrade and would love access again.


I would add a request to have the Customizer available outside of only Dynamo Studio.


One more hereā€¦ Seems like an awesome feature, would be great to have it back to Dynamo for Revit


The problem still exists