Share your work online with Customizers

Is this functionality live in 0.9.1? I tried it on the ‘What’s New’ blog and it looks great. How did you do it? I couldn’t find ‘Publish Graph’ in the File menu as described. ’ Just publish your Dynamo Studio graph from the file menu’. Also, how do you make those simplified dialog boxes?

It’s still alive in the Dynamo Studio Version. They Removed this from the Dynamo for Revit version.

It has not been removed from Dynamo for Revit. You just have to log in first to Autodesk A360 (from inside Revit). After that, be sure to enable/disable only the inputs you need:


The uploaded graph is tied in to your account.

That is pretty awesome… I was going off of what Zach said too! Maybe we should let him know :slight_smile:

Actually, never mind. I don’t have the option in 0.9.1 stable build. Dimitar- which version are you running?

Hi John,

That’s pretty strange. I’m 99% sure I’m running the 0.91 stable but just in case I’ll do a clean install a but later today. The option is under File:


I just did a clean install(deleted the Dynamo folder) and it’s indeed gone :frowning:

It’s interesting tho that if you update from an older daily 0.91 build to 0.91 stable, the functionality remains in the stable build. This leads me to think that if you isolate the dll(s) that host the online sharing functionality, it’d be pretty easy to bring it back.

Aw man. Apologies Dimitar. Could be interesting to figure it out though. It’s an awesome feature that I think we all should have! :slight_smile: