Auto generate Axonometric views of families will kill you!

Hi guys, I’m having a lot of problems trying to auto generate Axonometric views of a families showrooms using the standard dynamo’s node “AxonometricView.ByEyePointTargetAndElement”. I mean, the node works really well and the isolation mode is actually the best and unique solution I’ve found to crop the view exactely fitting the Axonometric view BUT if the element input is perhaps a family with FamilyElementVisibility Properties set to Coarse, Dynamo can’t reach to process the element while creating the view and it generates a null crop view even if the object is visibile if trying to hide the crop.
Here some SS to better understand.
001 - The rectangular curves represent the Axo’s crop views and as you can see three of them are missing.
002 - even in the script the three pigs are nulls!!
003 - the system family used when creating new views
004 - the family visibility settings

Thank you in advance

when working correctly dynamo generates in Revit axonometric views like this one.

Does the node work if you set the detail level to medium?

@JacobSmall The views are already Fine displayed as set on the template i’ve preventively assigned on them. It’s kind of wired because the node works so fine and makes everything as expected just for the object visible at Coarse even it’s not the detail level in the view

In the screenshot you can see how the node can’t generale the crop view for the elements in the family who has the visibility just for Medium /Fine, unlike it did for the Coarse one.

the one in Medium/Fine is a door panel, obviously.

Upload a sample file. I believe the issue lies with the medium vs course setting.

SL_.dyn (176.6 KB) SL.rvt (2.7 MB)

Just open the rvt, lunch dynamo and run the script

This does look like a bug - I’ll review with the team tomorrow to see if I can ID where to file.

You may want to look into decreasing the number of transaction start/end nodes - they are a bit redundant and overused, which can lead to issues with element binding and other similar items.

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Hi @JacobSmall did you discover something. I’ve tried reducing transactions without success.

It looks as if the node only calculates course geometry. Still need to file the bug - feel free to submit on the Dynamo Revit Githib page.