Auto Dimension by reference not showing on Revit

I have a gigantic script which is using multiple references to place 10 separate dimension lines on a floor plan. The script was working fine untill yesterday, for some reason the created dimension lines, which are shown in Dynamo graphs and even on the 3D preview in Dynamo, are not appearing on the floor plan in Revit. Is this a common problem? If it is, does anyone possibly know what could be causing it? Searching for the not appearing dimensions through Dynamo, seems to give the well-known “There is no open view that shows any of the highlighted elements. Searching thrugh the closed views to find a good view could take a long time. Continue?” Even trying that option seems to never find the dimension lines in the project.

It seems like an old backup of the Revit file is making the script work properly again… Seems like Dynamo is not functioning properly once the script is being used several times on a project. Is it possible that Dynamo is causing some kind of inconsistency with each run?

You should read this topic :

Your issue is probably due to the element binding.


I never would have guessed this myself. Thank you for sharing the post with me!

I don’t believe that is the case though, since the .dyn file seems to be having no element bindings like on the provided picture in the post. It’s the Revit project file not doing what the script is running after a few runs. Could it be caused by undoing the script’s actions within Revit and running the script again?
This is what my .dyn looks like:

The script seems to be running the way it always does, it worked for approx. 6 views now before it stopped creating the dimensions properly again in the rvt file. Deleting the previously created dimensions with the script and running it again now seems to be not working properly in those views either. Re-opening a backup of the rvt file and running the script seems to be working fine until is stops working again. It’s almost as if Dynamo is ‘breaking’ the rvt file? Even the preview in Dynamo and rvt are showing the dimensions on the right place, but somehow it simply doesn’t create it.

This is the script I’m using:
100_floorplan_autodimensionV2.0.dyn (526.4 KB)
Anything in there that might be causing this weird bug?