Auto dimension crush

Auto dimensioning graphs that were fine in Revit 2020 are now crashing in Revit 2022. It gets the reference face of the foundation and creates dimensions, but if I freeze the dimensioning node once and run it, then unfreeze it and run it again, it does not crash.
This is troubling because I cannot use it in the dynamo player. Any advice would be appreciated.


I would raise an issue on the package github? I think that is Genius Loci? GitHub - albandechasteigner/GeniusLociForDynamo: Genius Loci is a package of 300+ custom nodes for Dynamo in Revit.

You can also dig around inside the custom node and investigate yourself…

I hope that is useful,


Hi, Mark.

Thank you for your reply.
As you said, I use Genius Loci.
Editing custom nodes is difficult for me.