Line By Start point Direction

Eager rookie here, hoping to get some help on my third ever script…

I found a tutorial on Youtube that I thought would be helpful creating a workflow to automatically dimension grids. Auto Grid Dimensions

It works very well, but the version I made has the reference lines created from the BoundingBox.MaxPoint or (maybe?) Line.ByStartPointDirectionLengthstay visible in Revit and are very distracting. I’ve tried my best to troubleshoot the issue but haven’t come across the right combination of steps yet.

Dynamo Script:

I’m very much appreciative for any suggestions!

Here’s original view:

And view after script has run with the offending lines:

I believe you’re just talking about the Revit Preview. You can toggle it off if it bugs you.

Thanks @Nick_Boyts. I was hoping it was an easy fix I just didn’t know where else to look. You’re awesome!