Auto Dimension Gridlines

Good morning all,

Firstly I’ve seen previous posts on the subject. Other posts show the result by clicking a model line intersecting the gridline. I am using the gridlines’ start and end points to create a line that intersects the gridline on an x or y axis.

This is not where the problem comes in. I cant seem to figure out the Dimension.By Elements Node resulting in the issue shown in the image below.

Here is my dyn file so you’re able to take a look at it.

GridLineDimensions.dyn (24.2 KB)

Any help is appreciated.

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Fixed my own problem.

Here’s the code for those who want it. It requires no input values which is pretty awesome, and does not require any packages, which hopefully means it wont break for future releases of Revit.
It’s messy and needs a good clean. But works.

GridLineDimensions.dyn (33.5 KB)


Just type the name of the node into the search on this forum. The first 8 posts have your answer.