Auto-dimensioning from Atom to Grid line

Hello All,
I am trying to get dimension from the Atom of the fittings to the grid line. I am still fairly new to the Dynamo world but here is the code that I am using. It will pull up the grid lines and lines as well. It will also show where the Atoms are located but it will not put the dimensions down. Can someone help me out with this code?

here is the pictures zoomed in to see the nodes (pic 1 of 2)

(pic 2 of 2)

@V-nom20 Hi and welcome, can you share a Revit sample file and your Dynamo script, lots of nodes to replicate…If you cannot share files in the forum, use an online sharing platform and provide a link here.

Sure, Here is the Dynamo Script I am trying to get to work. Unfortunately I am not able to upload my Revit Sample sheet as forum is telling me the file is too big even when I zipped it??
AutoDimensioning.dyn (77.1 KB)

The revit dwg was really a simple drawing. I used underground waste pvc piping. here is an img of it.
I selected the grids 1 for the vertical and A for the Horizontal. Then the script will run and lines will appear as if dimensions want to but no dimensions show up.

@V-nom20 Try to set the Dimension ByReferences Lacing to Longest and make sure that the reference planes in the fittings family have their Is Reference parameters set as per their names.

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I have checked ByReference Node and changed it to longest lacing. The question is now about the Is. The Atom I’s set for " Center (Left/Right) " and " Center (Front/Back) ". However the fitting I’s were not set. I will try changing the I’s in just a bit just got to make sure my boss knows that I am making changes to the fitting family. will get back to you soon

Ok, so I spoke to my boss and let him know about the situation. I didn’t want to jump the gun because I had some concerns about changing a family. I wanted to make sure it didn’t go company wide and stayed local on my machine (it is local). I tried making that change in the family but it still did not give me a dimension. Here is what it looks like when I run the script