Assigning Scope boxes to multiple views

Hi There!
I’m relatively new to Dynamo and I have been attempting to put together a graph to assign scope boxes to multiple duplicated views (the graph has been put together with the help from a number of different posts I’ve found on the subject on the forum, thank you for all the people who regularly help out!)
Its very basic but I’m running into a bit of trouble…
I’d like to be able to pick from the 'Selection.PickItemsFromList" node the name of the scope box to then assign to the views filtered out.

My first problem is:
When I try to pick the scope box its not selecting the element I want it to, I think the list of the elements and the list of the element names aren’t matching to the right element, how would I fix this?

My second problem is:
After the scopebox has been selected it only assigns it to the first of the 8 plans I want to be assigning it to. I’m bound to be missing something obvious here?!

Any help on this would be much appreciated! Thanks!

1st: try using FilterbyBooleanMask
Mask: Element.Name == Selected String (Name)

or just go with DataShapes Package, which allows you to select element by its name. There is aloth of solutions for this kind of problem :slight_smile:

2nd:try using lacing Longest on Node Element.SetParameterByName.

I hope this hepls.

Brilliant! I Understand what you mean for your FilterbyBooleanMask suggestion but I’m not quite sure how to execute it?.. the idea did lead me into what I ended up doing though.
I swapped out the ReplaceByCondition for Elements.FilterByName which works perfectly.

And the Lacing worked too!

Thanks for your help @Jan_Secnik :slight_smile: