Assigning a list of Strings to an Electrical Circuit Parameter (Instance Parameter)

I am having issues assign a list of strings to an Electrical Circuit Parameter.

Purpose of my Dynamo Graph:

  • Extracts all panel names from all circuits.
  • Splits the panel names every time the panel name has a dash “-”
  • Assigns a piece of the panel name to a parameter (this part does not work)

What may be happening first here is that you are feeding the set.parameter node with a parameter instead of the element.

Try connecting it this way

Another thing that will happen is that you are feeding an amount of “values” that differs the amount of elements on the set.parameter (which can be caused by the string.split node), that also will set an error on the node.

And lastly you should filter the “nulls” because those will bring an error aswell.

It was a silly mistake haha It works!