Assign scope box to multiple view ( turn off crop view & crop region visible)

Dear dynamo community,

I’ve succeeded to assign scope box to multiple views. But the crop view & crop region view still exist. I found the script for turning off them here however, and I’m thinking put them into one script instead of running separately.Actually it seem hard than I thought and I have no clue when i got nothing result while I run it.
Please see the picture & script attached.
Much appreciated to hear to you guys advice.

Are you sure the storage type of Crop View and Crop Region Visible is an integer?

The turning off crop view & crop region visible script is not mine. but It worked. I think the matter of my script is they work at the same time, they need to apply scope box first and then turn off crop view & crop region visible.

If the order of execution is your problem try the Passthrough node from clockwork.

Thanks you guys for responding my Inquiry. I solved it. Just delete Set.ParameterbyNameToNone and connect the elements.

There’s also no need to modify Crop View. That parameter becomes read only when you assign a scope box.

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