Edit Multiple Crop Regions from another view

Hello. I am a Dynamo novice but I really have exhausted all the Google searches to find what I am trying to do. I would like to use my dependant views and their crop regions and edit other dependant views from a different type of Revit view. Ie. Demo Floor Plan dependant view (1.0 - DEMO - Zone A) crop region to both Floor Plan (Area A) and Finish Floor Plan (FINISH - Area A). Ideally the script would edit all the dependant views in the selected type (Floor Plans) from the initial type (DEMO) automatically. However I would even take a single run per view if needed. See the screencap below for a diagram of what I am trying to do.

All I have so far is the Rhythm nodes to get crop region. I do not know where to go next as I am not super familiar with all the nodes yet. From what I have read it may be best by using the get curves method although I do not know if that is considered an outdated mthod or not.

Any help would be very much appreciated.