Arrangement of points on different types of surfaces

Hi to all
i have a problem, i’ve made some test with different type of surface on alias.
1 : 2 monorail + fillet
2 : 2 trim convert monorail + fillet
3 : 2 trim convert monorail + attach
4 : combined surface

i want to obtain the layout of example number 4, but in alias i can’t combine surfaces too much complex…

how can obtain layout number 4 (good distribution of points calculated as if it were a single surface ) on every kind of surface ?

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Not sure I completely understand. Are you looking for a solution in Alias, or in Dynamo? Can you provide the wire file and/or Dynamo script?
And do you want to create this shape from scratch, or what is the input?

hi @Michael-GG

I would like to find a solution that allows me to have the distribution of points on dynamo like example 4.
using a system that is not the use

(palette–>surfaces–>combine surface)

since it does not work on complex geometries.

This is kind if included in the scripts I’m currently working on. You need to be aware, though, that this means a complete re-approximation of the surfaces! So there may easily be a deviation to the input surfaces.