Arrangement of points on different types of surfaces

Hi to all
i have a problem, i’ve made some test with different type of surface on alias.
1 : 2 monorail + fillet
2 : 2 trim convert monorail + fillet
3 : 2 trim convert monorail + attach
4 : combined surface

i want to obtain the layout of example number 4, but in alias i can’t combine surfaces too much complex…

how can obtain layout number 4 (good distribution of points calculated as if it were a single surface ) on every kind of surface ?

Not sure I completely understand. Are you looking for a solution in Alias, or in Dynamo? Can you provide the wire file and/or Dynamo script?
And do you want to create this shape from scratch, or what is the input?

hi @Michael-GG

I would like to find a solution that allows me to have the distribution of points on dynamo like example 4.
using a system that is not the use

(palette–>surfaces–>combine surface)

since it does not work on complex geometries.