How to apply objects evenly on multiple surface?

I’m working as digital modeler and using Alias.

Recently, I’m starting to learn Dynamo because it became installed application in Alias.

And now, I’m facing a problem.
I can apply objects evenly on single surface, yet in case of multiple surface it won’t work.

Please someone solve this problem !!

Best regard.

You will need to join your surfaces into one Polysurface.
One possible method (if you have a uniform profile for your surface) is to use intersecting planes.


Hi, Ewan_Opie.
Thank you for your reply and this is very nice method.

I’ve tried it a little while ago, unfortunately It doesn’t work.
The problem might be a version of Dynamo because there are some difference between Revit version and Alias version.

I’ll develop this method until to achieve the shape which I want.


Hi, SMZ_51-10.

What was your method? you can share it. I am in the same problem …