Areas of Room that have Views - LEED Quality View Analysis

We do a lot of Quality View calculations for LEED here, and I’m trying to automate the drawing of sight lines to windows.

We’re using a Space Separator workflow outlined here:
It works really well, but it requires manual drawing of Space Separators.

I’m writing a script to project cross-lines from window opening corners to the nearest wall, but I’m hitting a… wall.

I’ve attached what I’ve got so far (this script assumes all Windows have Left & Right reference planes at the wall openings)
LEED_Create View Lines.dyn (106.3 KB)

This is what I have and what I need to achieve:

I’ve searched for add-ins but I’m only finding daylighting analysis tools, not any View tools. Has anyone used Dynamo to automate these LEED diagrams? Thanks!

Check out this old post and see if it gets you started.

You could create adaptive families to work with something like this that you could schedule and calculate total areas from.

Thank you!!! I didn’t know the term I was looking for, Isovist. This thread and the Lunchbox Isovist node will get me there. Thanks again