Isovist on Dynamo

Hi everyone, I’ve been googling and struggling to make isovist script on Dynamo.
Realized its much easier to do it on Grasshopper but want to make my own for Dynamo since I have few models that are in Revit. Rhino.Inside is currently not working / error on updating.

Can anyone help me understand why I’m getting Null ?
Also a lot of custom nodes for Isovist are very outdated - I’ve been fixing a lot to make it work but not working at the end. Any suggestion? Thank you.


You chose the wrong Vector Z node. Try with Vector.ZAxis instead.


It solved my problem thank you ! but it seems like isovist is not working correctly, are you familiar with Lunchbox Isovist node?

Just checking, did you already view this?

Space planning toolkit has a node for this:

Hello everyone thank you for the replies.
Space planning toolkits is a dynamo package right? or is it something that’s included in Revit 2021? I heard Revit 2021 will have isovist function built in.

Space planning toolkit is a package. Not sure what the requirements are but they likely are listed in the package description, and are almost certainly on the GitHub.

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