Areas from Floor.ByOutlineTypeandLevel

Rather new to dynamo so apologies if this is covered somewhere (please just post a link). I did try searching the forums, youtube, web etc…

I have floors created by outlines all within Dynamo, yet I can’t seem to get the areas from these floors… instead I just get an empty list (numbered to the same amount of floors, but empty all the same). What am I missing here?


Floor Area is one of the Built In Parameters that are not easily accessible neither using Revit UI (you probably noticed that you cannot use it as a variable in a parameter etc.) nor Dynamo. You can easily access it however, with Revit API:


You can also use the LunchBox Room Element Collector node. You will need to download LunchBox from the package manager. However, none of the Lunchbox nodes seem to be working in the latest daily build.


Thanks Konrad, I was able to get that to work.

Thanks for your reply, Paul- I was actually also able to use the Lunchbox Floor Element Collector to get the floor areas, but then I had to go through a filtering process again (even though they were already filtered for the Floor by Outline).


I have same problem.

So i tried Konrad’s method but I couldn’t solve.

What cause do you think?