Mass floor area data for each level

How to get mass floor area at every level from a revit in-place mass? In revit it is very easy to extract through mass floor schedule, but in dynamo i could not find a easy way to extract such. Is there any easy solution but not in this way> Area From Inplace site mass.

Actually without importing/creating the mass in dynamo, am more interested in query type solution which will analyze the revit mass and get back the result that is if dynamo could generate all mass floor area for each level like mass floor schedule of revit? I also like to get a list of all levels at a time in dynamo.Any help?


Hi Vikram,
So many thanks for such great help and i tried it on revit2016 with dynamo .8
I did not find"mass-massfloor" Category but only “massfloor” and with a inplace mass having mass floors at L-2,3,4 , the output is only for L-2. Where is the error_please help me on this.

You’ll need to set the Lacing of the GetParam node to Cross-Product (as seen in @Vikram_Subbaiah 's Screenshot).

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Oh Andreas Thanks very much. I will try it.

Ah, it works and i learned also another thing-the cross product symbol…thanks again.

Hi Vikram,
Your solution working fine but i have some questions-

1.Could you explain the whole process about how these nodes retrieves the level wise floor areas?

2.If there are several masses, how could i identify which floor areas are for which masses?

3.Why the process does not work when i give input to the “Elements” by selecting the target mass with the “Select Model Element” node? Is there any way to retrieve those same data by selecting the target mass/s first then applying some methods?

4.Am unable to find “Mass-Mass Floor” category in dyn.8 but only “massfloor”…is it a version related issue?

Advance thanks for your time and knowledge.

We are extracting level and area information from the elements. The manner in which we’ve extracted the information results in a list structure that groups the level and area together.

Identify a parameter that is unique to each mass (Name, Element Id, …) and extract that parameter too, along with Level and Area

You’ll need to do it as in the link you’ve referred to in your original post (The way you didn’t want to go)

Yes, it is a version related issue.