How to get the outline of the floor


is there a way to find the outline of the floor?
below image shows my attempt to deconstruct the floor and getting the curves but wasn’t successful.

any advice would be very helpful. thank you in advance.

floorOutline.dyn (21.7 KB)

thank you very much Vikram,

I tried your method on my script but Categories with Lines is bringing all the other lines from the other 3d models such as walls and other floor slabs from other floors.

Is there a way to do it with categories set as floor and select by category and level node to choose a specific floor?

thank you very much for your time

The definition below collects all floors, but you can change the initial nodes to make a selection

floorOutline1.dyn (24.1 KB)

Might wa t to try collecting the sketch lines directly, grouping the curves, and getting the curve network with the largest area. Would be an interesting speed comparison anyway.

springs has an element sketch node that seemed to work well for me