Get sum of areas of all elements of a floor type?

Hi, I’m new here,

could anyone help me to: get the sum of the areas of an specific floor type in the Revit model, in dynamo?
I don´t want to select all the elements (floors) manually. I just want to tell witch floor type it is and get the sum of the areas of them. this will help me a lot.

Or just something like a node “All elements of floor type”… is it possible?

I don´t have any images because I´m not even close of achieving it I guess.

thanks a bunch in advance,

categories -> all elements of category -> get parameter value by name - > str contains -> list filter by bool mask

With these nodes you should be able to filter the elements of a certain floor type. After you collected the relevant elements you just look up the area with get parameter value by name and sum it up, there you go. :wink:


I’d suggest it is easier (and more flexible) to export the all the floor areas and types (using Dynamo), then use another tool to group/filter/sum/sort as needed.

Refer below links- I did this some time ago using PowerBI and was for volume, not area- the principle is the same.

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I appreciate your help and I will try it. Thank you very much. I will reply later with the results

Hello sir,

Thank you very much for the instructions, I got the results that I needed.
If you want to check my nodes (I know it´s a bit messy), here it is:

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Hello Mr. Andrew Hannell,

As a beginner in dynamo I wasn’t aware of this tool. There´s no doubt I’m going to study it.
Thank you.

yep, that is pretty good.

However, if you just want a single number- possibly simpler to just use a schedule in Revit (summing areas)
No need to open Dynamo and run- the schedule will always be up to date


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I Will give it a try as well, thanks a lot again.