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I am creating the script that creates Area Scheme from dwg file. The script is divided into 3 steps.

Step 1 - Dwg Link selection and creating boundaries from the dwg polylines. This step goes good.
Step 2 - Creating Areas from lines points and area scheme view.The problem with this step is that I am getting lines from all the points so additionaly I have three more boundary lines that overlap with each other. How can I reduce this number of lines to optimize it?Almost I am looking something similar like command “overkill” in auto cad.
Step 3 - Delete not closed and redudant Areas
I want to create just 3 Areas from all these lines but I am getting 12 Areas that I don’t want. So I was like to delete just “redudant” and “not closed” areas but smth with this step doesn’t go.At end I am getting 12 Areas.

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Damir Cesko

If I recall correctly, areas don’t calculate until after the transaction is committed. Try adding a Transaction.End node and a Transaction.Start node between steps 2 and 3 - they just pass the same data out as they receive so they’ll wire in nicely.

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Thank you @jacob.small very much. At the first didn’t work but then I closed dynamo and tried it again and it worked.
In attachment is the solution if someone need it…

@jacob.small , forgot to ask, happends also in step 2 for getting the boundaries lines from dwg polylines that I am getting more boundaries lines then I need and they are overlapping with themselves. How can I delete the boundary lines that overlapp each other? In attachment is the photo of it.

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Best to start a new topic after you look into ‘remove overlapping lines’ in the forum. My preference here would be to utilize the Overkill command in AutoCAD before you bring the DWG into Revit (always clean DWGs before linking them).

Probably you’re right Jacob to open a new topic but just for this one will stay on this topic. With the search anyone can find very easily. Always is very handy to clean up all dwg’s before linking to Revit.

Tried with package “spring” and it worked. Also I set position of the middle point for areas. In attachment is the solution if someone need it. Thank you Jacob very much for your help to resolve the script :)…