Duplicating Area Schemes

Hey all

Short Version:
I would like to duplicate area schemes including area plans, area boundary lines, areas, and color fill schemes.

Long Version:
I work consistently on small to large projects where we need to develop multiple area schemes for multi-use buildings/developments. Often times, the PM’s will create these “area” plans initially in CAD. These are very obsolete by the time the Revit model get’s developed further but they continuously use the outdated cad plans. I’m pushing to have all these areas and area options be done in Revit. It’s easy enough to create the first set of area plans, but drawing in the area lines, placing the areas, naming them, and color coding them is a bit of work.
However, when trying to create new schemes based on existing ones, in order to copy all the tedious work, it’s impossible. You cannot duplicate existing area schemes and copy the areas and color schemes to the new one. You can only copy the area boundaries, but even so that’s level by level. I was hoping there was a way to be able to do this in Dynamo. This would be really great not only for increase in production, but to enable the project managers AND show the owners the value of a BIM model.

Thank you

I believe there is an Element.Type duplicate node which will duplicate plans. I haven’t personally tested area plans which are odd ducks, but it it worth a shot. Once that is done you can create a new area plan for each level of the new type, and copy the area boundaries and areas between corresponding views (those last two are likely very academic in nature for you at this point.

There are already API options for duplicating area schemes if you can’t get the duplicate node to work.