Area of In-Place Component at Level (One Face NOT All Faces)

I am trying to extract the area of an In-Place Component but just one face that is in contact with the level. I am getting the total surface area, not what I want. I know I can use an In-Place Mass to get area but editing them becomes an issues.

Is it possible to drop here rvt file?

Sure but this is just my test file

Get Area of In-Place Component.rvt (320 KB)

Hi @tmaleski ,
maybe you could use level plane (from clockwork package) then split you geometry with the planes of the two levels with plit.recursively (from spring node package) :

Use Geometry.Explode to get separate surfaces areas.

You need the area of the bottom surface in contact with the floor?
You could do something like this…

This looks good but will the surface list always be the same, so surface [1] always the bottom surface?

going to try this now

One of the possible ways to Get Bottom and Top surfaces area is to use Custom node from Clockwork Package called “SurfaceFilterByOrientation”.

Thank you all, all three solutions worked but in the end I used Kulkul’s solution.

I hit a snag… Any ideas of where to look?

Try using “Element.Geometry” node.

Still giving some issues. Here is a sample of the blocks.

I noticed that one block has two segments where it could have been one, once fixed that one worked.

One element is causing the error.
Try rebuilding this element in Revit with slightly altered geometry.

works, thanks.