Area Loads by Level

I am trying to import area loads into Dynamo and create structural floors from them. The result would be a loading plan from Area loads. I can create the floors, but the problem is with Area loads themselves. I cant seem to import them by level as they don’t seem to have level parameter shown in their properties.

Hi Shaun,

When you import AreaLoads with the Element.Geometry node, the resultant geometry lines already have the correct Z elevation. Wouldn’t that be enough?

If you really need levels tho, you could try a method similar to this (note the lacing on the “Equals” node):


Thanks Demitar,


The reason I need the level is when you create floors you need a level input where the loads are taken from. The z value from the loads may work if they know their levels. I can try your suggestion.

You were right I was over thinking it. The floors were created by the loads Z elevation even though I had the elevation in the Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel set to Level 1.