Element elevation

Is there a way to query the elevation of an element?

In example, can i figure out the Project & Survey “elevation” of a floor?

You can query an item’s position and then extract the Z axis elevation from that or alternatively for a floor, query its level and then extract the elevation from this.

Thanks Mark, any input on the node i should use to get that?
I found a node to get the Z value of a point, does it mean i need to extract a vertex from the floor first?

The Clockwork package has a node called “Element.Level” that you might find helpful. It works for all elements hosted on levels(like floors and walls).

Another option would be the Lunchbox package and the “LunchBox Floor Element Collector” but that gives you the levels as strings.

Thanks Dimitar :slight_smile:

So i’m guessing the idea would be to use the Level height and add the Height Offset from Level to get the actual elevation of the floor?


I looked into the Lunchbox node but it’s looking for the Type while I’m trying to find the actual elevation of the element.

The lunchbox node gives you the data for each instance of the floor type(s) you input.

you need Document.ProjectPosition to get survey Z, and add it to Z value of your object host. or use, like I do, BoundingBox of element.; MaxPoint and MinPoint.