Area & Area Schemes

I’m trying to filter areas using the Area Schemes but i cannot find it under parameters name. Any idea how to achieve that?


I’m working through a script right now where I’m running in to the same question. I may have found something helpful though. I’m using the Lunchbox Area Collector node and noticed that there is a parameter called Area Scheme ID that seems to be valid and equal in several items of the list. I’m betting that we could run a Boolean Filter against this parameter to filter out all these schemes IDs, then use that resultant list as the list of Areas within a scheme…




I think that the “Element.GetParameterValueByName” node is acting up again because you can’t seem to extract the Area Scheme Id parameter.
A single python line can solve that for you tho:




Dimitar your the best :slight_smile:

That’s interesting. I was able to get the Element.GetParameterValueByName to work, but I do like your python approach much better. It’s easier to understand the Area Scheme by name rather than by some odd ID.


A follow up on this. What if you just wanted to select the area lines associated to that area scheme. My problems is that I need to clear out all area lines but dont want to delete the scheme because many floor plans are associated with this scheme. Any thoughts?

Not trying to drag up old posts, but it is the most relevant one. Any chance if we are able to select the area lines by area scheme? I see that Areas have properties to define what scheme they are part of, but don’t have any geometry. Where as I can use AreaSchemeLines to generate geometry, but I can’t parse them by scheme.

It gets a little bit more complicated then it seems since there’s no association between AreaSchemeLines and Areas in the API.

I thought of comparing what comes out from AreaSchemeLines and Boundaries(from the Lunchbox Area Element Collector) and i don’t even get the same number of elements :slight_smile:


Maybe someone has a better idea

This is what we get, the curves have the same number :

Thanks all -

With your help I was able get data values from the Area and geometry from “Rooms to Polycurves” from Bakery to be able to select the boundaries and create SAT exports for each area scheme.

Unfortunately I also need to filter the areas by parameters like Name. I can thegenerate two lists, but I can’t complete final combination, I just want to create list where both values are true. I am sure i am missing something really simple.


hello @Dimitar_Venkov,

Is it possible to post the Python script, please?
The image is very low res to be read.

thank you

Use this link :

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many thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner

Hello Alban this link is discontinued,
do you have the line for that python?

Hello Dimitar,
Can you share the line you used here
It is not visible, and the link below isnt working anymore