Collect areas

Can´t get an area collector work? (LunchBox Area Element Collector fails)

We want to collect the area boundaries of our project, (about 2000 areas)

and create room separation lines to then create rooms.



Do you have the latest version of Lunchbox installed?

Hi John,

installed the latest version, no luck.

Maybe a localization problem ( German REVIT ) ?

I’m having the same problem. Works fine on a small test file. On my project model, it does the same thing as Johannes, gives me all null values.

Hi Folks,


got the same problem here! Using German Revit 2015/16 with Dynamo 0.9.2. Since version 0.9 the Lunchbox Room Element Collector is showing null values (see Screensshot)


Hi guys,

I just tested it and it seems to be a localization problem. If you open the Lunchbox Node and go into the Python Code, you just need to replace the parameter name "Level" with the German word "Ebene" - after this, the node seems to be working normally.

For other language versions, just input the corresponding parameter name.

Another idea might be using the Room Element Collector Node included in the Rhythm package!

Thanks for the reply Lejla.

But I am still wondering why this problem occurs, since the common programming language should be English including the Revit API?!

Do you think it has something to do with the language packs since Revit 2016? Would be nice to know.


Kind Regards, Michael

Hi Michael,

this is nothing specific to the multi-language Revit-Versions sincew 2016, it was the same before: the parameter names are localized on the frontend and if they called by their “name” value through the API, then such problems occur.

There are different ways to call the parameters, e.g. by using their internal GUID, which is more complicated (and the reason why most of the Package developers are skipping this I guess). I’m not an API guru, but I think this article over at AKN describes it quite well.

Cheers, Lejla