Is there a way to access Area Schemes?

I’m learning how to access properties of objects, and now I cannot figure out how to call forth the Area Schemes in my project. When I use the Get Parameter Value by Name node, none of my string inputs of “Scheme”, “Area Scheme” nor “Area Type” produce results. Is there a way to access this property?

My area schemes:

One of my attempts:

I found this thread but the image of the Python script is low-resolution so I cannot read it.

A tip:

To find out what parameters an object has available, use the Element.Parameters node which uses the Parameters property of the element to re turn a list of all parameters it contains. I often use this property via a code block (written in design script) to see what I can do with the object in question, and to ensure that when I go to use an Element.GetParameterValueByName I have spelled the parameter value correct. My specific design script implementation of this is a[0].Parameters; (the added [0] ensures I am pulling the parameters for just the first element, which reduces the load on the system thereby reducing graph execution time).

Here I use that method twice in a graph which guide you along:

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Thanks, that’s teaching me how to fish, which is what I’m after! Is there a reason why the parameters in the resulting list seem to be in different orders for each item in the list? That makes it difficult to standardize a graph; it seems like I won’t be able to pull the same parameter from a list of items easily, if at all. If I have a list of items of the same category, why isn’t, for example, index 5 for those objects always “Type Name”?

hi @Redrunner262

if you can code via python or c#, here’s the api for AreaSceme:


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Thanks, though I have no idea how to use C#, and I’m just beginning lessons in Python.

Every object has a different set of parameter elements associated to it, based on the type, category, and other instance associations. Generally you don’t want to call for a parameter via index, but by name (ie: I highlighted the name of the parameter which I used to get the Area Schem Id).

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That makes sense. Now that I’m learning how to use parameter names in graphs rather than only indices, this makes sense to me how names are a better identifier than the latter. Thank you for explaining.