Area Scheme Id of Elements in a Link


Hello guys,
We are trying to filter areas from a link from a particular area scheme

The element.GetParameterValueByName isnt working

It would be great know why the node inst working in a particular project, we believe it could be that the area schemes between host and link are different

Find attached screenshots showing the both area schemes

If we use the GetParameterAsValueString we can retrieve the Id but not the which is the input we know and is easier to work with.

Do you have a workflow for this?

Definition attached.
Filtering areas in a link by area schemes.dyn (9.6 KB)

Many thanks!!!


As an alternative
Try to get the viewports in the link and work from there

Select Model element : click the linked file with this.
nicked the picture from @john_pierson :slight_smile:



We need to filter area elements…


Area’s are placed on views, Area plans, from Views you make Viewports, turn it backwards and you might get a result.
Don’t know, havent tried (no Revit here)


Hello Marcel thanks for your time!

I think the workflow you propose is too convoluted.

Wouldn’t be easier to find out why the getparameterbyName isnt working in this file with these number of area elements.

There is this thread here

Dimitar suggested to use a python node to retrieve these values however the image is not visible and we are not confident to give a try from scratch.

Any other ideas?!?


The problem is with areas in a link, if i read area values inside the link the node getparametervaluebyname works well

Any ideas why it does not work the other way, and why in other project files this works
This inconsistency is driving me maaaad!!!


Have you tried using BimorphNodes LinkElement.GetParameterValueByName - using OOTB version wont work with linked elements since parameter queries require the respective document object as an input, and all OOTB nodes default to the active document object so the query understandably fails. To add confusion to the mix, Dynamo versions before 2.0 use dynamic dispatch with methods and properties, so if you are using an older version of BimorphNodes and upgrade to the latest version which includes the aforementioned node, you might find your graph works without any changes as this mechanism will find the matching method in the LinkElement class and call it accordingly.


Hello Thomas,
We are working still in dyn 1.3.3
I have downloaded your most up to date package and the getParametervaluebyname works fine in this graph
Do you think it will be other nodes that wont work unless we are in 2.0?


BimorphNodes will work fine in v2.0, but I cant speak for other packages, so you’ll need to test.