Architectural Background - Audit Tool

I created a post under the “Lists & Logic” category about two years ago for this. What I was trying to do is create a comparison tool to run each time I receive a new arch background.

My script starts by extracting all of the rooms and creates a spread sheet showing Name, Number and Area. That was the easy part. Running the script a second time in “audit mode” is a little different.

First I add the FILE PATH for the original data extraction to bring it back in and filter out the column headers. Next, I disconnect the LIST wire headed to the Create Excel group to pull new rooms and compare them to the original data. The data mining is working just fine and the SET DIFFERENCE node is also finding the room size changes from the new arch background. I just need to fine tune it now so it is easier to read. Preferably in the same format as the original list – Name, Number, Area which should just be list manipulation.

End goal - I would also like to color flag the rooms that changed sizes in the Revit model. Some of my experimenting with that is shown below.


ARCH AUDIT.pdf (633.0 KB)


Please post a dyn or a link to it

I have FINALLY completed, tested and verified an architectural background model auditing tool using a small six room testing model. Below is a Powerpoint presentation showing my workflow for this adventure. Feel free to expand on it and tweak it for you own use.

  • Special thanks to Nick Boyts for helping me sort and manipulate my data properly.


Architectural Rooms_Data Export.dyn (13.6 KB)

Architectural Audit.dyn (34.6 KB)