Architectural Audit

I want to create an architectural model auditing script that will look for and flag changes in room/space sizes when we receive new backgrounds.

As far as a workflow goes, I would first export the initial model room/space parameters out to a spread sheet. This same spread sheet would be re-inserted into the original script as a baseline to compare to when it is run on a newer model file. Grabbing the data is easy enough, but I am at a complete loss for how to compare two lists.

The second piece of this is that I would like this script to flag the rooms/spaces that changed, preferably in the 3D preview background of Dynamo.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Show us some work please. This is not exactly a place to make requests for what you need but rather a help forum to ask for help with things that you cannot figure out on your own, but actually tried.

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Sorry Konrad, I forgot the other screen shots. I am new to Dynamo so there is not much to see.

I know that my export script works and I know that my import script works,

When I tweak one of the rooms in Revit, the change is reporting through
Revit Data.pdf (394.3 KB)

LIST nodes basically just arrange your data, the only thing close to a comparison I found is the LIST MATCHER node in the Lunchbox package. I am fully aware that a single node won’t do it all, but I don’t even see anything to get me started.

My 3D and color work is shown below. I point at the three larger rooms and create a solid in those locations then color them. How can I automate something similar to flag a changed item?