Archi-labs Workbook.byfilepath not working

I recently updated a graph from Dynamo 1.3 to 2.3 and realized, that the Workbook.byfilepath in the latest version of the archi-lab package are not working.

Getting this error, when feeding a file:

I´m using Revit 2020.2, Dynamo Revit 2.3.0 and archi-lab 2020.23.7.
Also tried a few older versions of the package.

It used to work with Dynamo 1.3.4 an archi-lab 2018.13.13 on Revit 2019.

Any ideas?

Try Excel.Worksheets node from Data-Shapes.

Thy for the fast answer.

The node from Data-Shapes works for me :+1:

But I still think somebody should look at the archi-lab node and try to fix it.

Make sure all your DLLS are unblocked as a starting point.

I checked the dlls in the package, they are not blocked.

Do you think it might be a problem with my software and not with the node or package itself?

Could be. Hard to say though. Perhaps try using an out of the box excel node as a work-around?

Well, I would if there was one giving me the worksheets.

As I said, the Excel.Worksheets node from Data-Shapes works for me.
So there is no other workaround required.

Anyway, I just saw there are a few notifications in Dynamo, after I installed all the packages I used to have in 1.3.

Maybe this could help to find the problem.
It seems like there are some incompatibilities between some of the installed packages.

I have got these installed:

I use at least one node of each package in my graphs. So I need them to be installed.

Those error messages are typically because a Revit add-in is leveraging a 3rd (4th?) Party component which doesn’t align with the version the package is after. Try disabling all Revit add-ins and see if that solves those issues (and maybe the bumblebee one as well).