package says its already loaded package says its already loaded but when I go to the “manage packages” I do not see it there.

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Could you show us the packages path?

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forgive me but I am really new to dynamo. I am not sure where I would locate the packages path?

You can find under settings:

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see attached screen shotpackage%20path

If you go to that folder path do you see archi-lab folder there? If yes go inside that folder and show screenshot of all the folders and files.

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no there is no archi-lab folder there.

Could you manually download archi-lab package from here and paste files with archi-lab folder inside that path.

do I unzip the files can copy/paste them to the desired location?

Yes unzip copy/paste to your C:\Users\UserName\appdata\roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.1

once I have copied/pasted them what is the next step?

what do you mean it says it’s already loaded?

Try loading dll file manually. Go to File-> Import Library and select archi-lab packages dll file and open. But before make sure you unblock dll file by right clicking properties. Below is an example:

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after I go to import library where to next to find this archi-lab packages dll file?