ARCH Rooms to MEP Spaces

I have a script that pulls Rooms from an ARCH link that creates Spaces in an MEP model that works just fine in 2018, but fails sometimes in 2017 and 2019.
Most nodes are out-of-the-box, only a few come from Archi-Lab & Steam Nodes

Any ideas why?

Hi @Bill_Mutert

I would suggest you divide workflow into 2 scripts:

  1. Create Spaces
  2. Set Spaces Names
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Normally it works just fine.

The first pass creates the Spaces with no issues. Run it a second time and it renames the Spaces to match the ARCH model.

Lately it has been failing and says UNOCCUPIED for both Room name and number. Even if I split the script the naming will probably still fail.

I will try it anyway.

Hello Bill,

in your picuture you have the wrong categorys. If that is not the problem, may you try

Rooms from ARC to Space.dyn (79.8 KB)

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Green Section should be ROOMS, Purple Section should be SPACES
Dynamo changes them sometimes when I first open it and I have to reset them.

Usually this happens when switching between Revit versions, as new categories are added with each Revit version. Calling them by their name will prevent this (there are many examples of this on the forum if you’re curious).

@JacobSmall - “Calling them by their name will prevent this”
Do you mean rename the node itself?

No, call the category by it’s name instead of by the dropdown.