Category.ByName node doesn't work


So I’m trying to create a routine looking for a parameter in <span>any</span> family of <span>any</span> category, so the default dropdown list is useless for me. So I made a csv with the names of all categories that I want to check and feed it into the Category.ByName node which is then used as input by All Elements of Category.

Long story short: it doesn’t work. I recreated the situation to demonstrate the error ( which outputs a category’s name directly as a string, being fed into category.byname which takes a string as input). The error says (in Dutch) that the requested value Generic Models hasn’t been found.
The variable type is right, and the category does contain elements as demonstrated in the two lower nodes. So I can only conclude that there’s an error with this node.

I did a quick search on these forums and noticed two posts mentioning the same error, both from 2014. Since we’re nearing the end of 2015 now with a release candidate for 0.9 being published, I think it’s valid to ask: is this a known problem, and is it being worked on? Or is it something that requires action from my end?

Any feedback would be welcome.

Category.ByName is for when you simply type in the Category. So instead of feeding in the ‘dropdown’ menu, you would have to type in the ‘Under the hood’ name. Most of these start with OST_ which refers to Object Style.

Walls for example are ‘OST_Walls’.

So for your example, you’re feeding in simply ‘Generic Model’ instead of ‘OST_GenericModel’ (I’m not entirely sure that’s the OST name but it probably is).

I tried it, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried both the strings “GenericModel” and “Generic Models”. But the prefix OST_is one I will try as well.

EDIT: “OST_GenericModel” does the trick. I can only assume that OST is short for Object Style Type or something along those lines.

I think clockwork and archi-lab has collectors for categories. If not it sounds like a is needed from your csv.

I also believe they removed the requirement for the OST_ prefix a while back.

“Get a Revit category by the built-in category name.”