Apply View Template node not working

I’m running Dynamo 0.9.1 and trying to change the view template of a drafting view that I’ve created in Dynamo. The archi-lab Apply View Template node doesn’t seem to be doing what it should. It doesn’t change the view template, but it does appear to duplicate the view and add a really long suffix to the name. See images.


apply view template 2


Hi Steven,

Have you tried feeding in the view template name as a string?

That did it! Thank you Dimitar.

yeah, just put a Element.Name between View Templates and Apply View Template node. Dimitar, thanks for help! This is a new node, and I haven’t had a chance to update the Apply View Template node to work with straight up template objects. I will do that.

Konrad, thanks for your contribution with this node. If I happened to be working with Dynamo 0.9.0 would there be a quick fix to the python script within the Apply View Template node to make it work? I know it may seem counter intuitive to work backwards like this for a slightly older version of Dynamo but it would help for those of us that are sticking with Dynamo’s suggested latest stable build.

Well in 0.9.0 there will be no dropdown for selecting view templates so you can pretty much just use its name. In 0.9.1 I added that view template selection dropdown but you still have to put a name of the view template as input so in general it doesnt matter which version of dynamo you are in - in both you have to use a name of the view template and not the view template object itself.