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I made a graphic override of select elements and applied it to one view, which works perfectly. However, when I try to insert multiple views into the “view” input on the “view set element override” node, my program crashes every time. Can this node only take one view? Is there another node like this that can take multiple views?


Set lacing on longest on the “view set element override” node.

Your selection have 727 elements and it’s a lot.

Test the behaviour of this node by selecting only 10 elements like this :

Like @awilliams wrote you, the view filter is maybe more appropriate.

The node is useful for categories for which there is no possibility to create a filter like revision cloud.

Okay how would I begin that process? Should I create the filter in revit and use dynamo to import it to all other views? Or should I create the filter in dynamo?

I think a view filter in a view template is the better solution. No need for dynamo.
Wait a minute and I will make an example.

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Would I be able to apply the filter to all the views without using a view template?

Without dynamo, no.

Let’s say I have the filter already in one view. How would I use dynamo to apply it to all the other views?

Give it a try.

Remove from your list of views, active view, schedules, legends…


View filter.dyn (8.2 KB)