Can you insert a filter into multiple views at the same time?

Can you insert a filter into multiple views at the same time? meaning that if a bunch of views have different filters already applied to them, can you add a new filter, to a bunch of views at the same time using dynamo?

@mix Providing some files and screenshots that explain the issue would help.

Yes you can, with all custom overrides

Sure, here you go. In revit if you already have a filter applied to a view, you cant use view templates as a way to apply just the filters you want to multiple views at the same time because that would overwrite any and all filters that were already applied to the view. I want to be able to leave the filters that are in all of my current views but just apply this filter to all the views, without deleting any current view filters. Does that make sense?

Can you elaborate on the “all custom overrides” please?

Yeah it’s clear, but not so easy to do. Basically u need to get list of all filters and their graphics overrides from view template, then append to the list new filter with specified overrides and then load new list into Revit.

Well you all can learn from my failure. I tried but did not succeed.Not sure how the LoopWhile node even works but I figured I would try and see. Good Luck and I hope someone can figure it out. Would be a helpful script.

My thought was you can create a view with all of the filters you want to add to all of the other views. That is why I am pulling in the ActiveView. I could not find a way to access the filters already in the project.

Any way hope this helps and maybe will spark an idea for you.