Transfer Revit Link Graphic Overrides(View templates)

Hello guys,

If we remove/replace a revit link (SAME NAME) we lose all the graphic overrides applied through view templates, most likely because the id changes.

Do you know if it is possible through dynamo to remap this???

Many thanks in advance!!!

If you utilize the reload from from the manage link options this will keep the graphical settings between files. This can also be done via the api by using the “loadfrom” command which you can code it within python.

More can be read about this form the following

Thanks Brendan,
I need this in case the file has been deleted by mistake
Actually I have just noticed that when you transfer view templates between files graphic overrides to links are not transfered.
Any idea how to copy this info between files???


Have you tried this?

Hello Rijismus,

Thank you very much for your support!!!

This workflow is different.

What we need is…

When a Revit Link or Dwg Link gets deleted from a Revit File the information in the view template associated to these links disappear, I wonder if it is possible to copy this information from a backup.

I tried transfer project standards, copy view templates from file but somehow this information is not transfered.

*Same thing happen if we transfer object styles, layer setup in these links is not transfered when we transfer object styles.

Anyone has any approach to this???

@BIMadmin RVT Link overrides are not exposed via the API

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Hi Amy,

Is it possible for Dynamo to tell Revit that the ‘new’ link is actually the ‘old’ link?

I know that you can relink, but Revit often forgets that you relinked it and chucks a wobbly!

Hopefully that would let the already-set template do it’s thing?

This would be very helpful for project templates…



Hmm well this would be the equivalent of selecting “Reload From…” in Manage Links within Revit itself, correct? If so, then yes this would be possible within Dynamo, but would require Python as @Brendan_Cassidy mentioned above - specifically with the LoadFrom method


I guess I was wondering if that was a more fundamental method than is available from the Reload… Remapping the location so Revit didn’t realise there was a difference…Right now it knows there has been a new path given (at some level).

I’m just showing my ignorance :slight_smile:


Thanks Amy,

Clear then, you lose a link you lose graphic overrides!