Apply Room Name & Number from linked model to Furniture

I am having the most difficult time getting this to work. I have tried sooooooo many many many options on trying to figure this out, but have not found anything to work and have not found anyone that has a fully working system. My office uses a linked model for the furniture and we are trying to use the Room Number and Name to place into Furniture parameters, “FF&E Room Name” and “FF&E Room Number”. I have looked into ways for it to collect what is in the rooms and isolated it just by what is selected and I can’t get a single thing to work to write the values that I am looking for.

I have looked at soooooo many posts that said it works for them, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Am I missing something? I am posting my last attempts. They both came up with an error and wrote nothing. Please Help if you can. I cannot figure out what I am missing for the life of me and it has taken most of my day of trial and only error. Thanks
FF&E.dyn (20.7 KB)
FF&E2.dyn (26.9 KB)

Can you post a screenshot as well? There are a lot of moving parts here.

It also helps to know which file you are running this in - the architecture file or the furniture file. For what its worth I reccomend using the furniture file as reading from a linked file is easier than reading from a linked file and writing to said linked file.

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Sorry about that. I always forget that. Here’s the screenshots of both those files. We are working in the furniture model and trying to write the room information into Text Furniture Instance Parameters. The first one runs with errors so I didn’t even try to get the information to populate and the second one runs without any errors but doesn’t write any information whatsoever. I hope this helps. I am also just now realizing that we have furniture layout design options. Would that affect anything with this?

I can’t get this to work for any type of family and can’t get it to work for any project so I clearly am missing something in the writing part. If it would help, I could look into uploading our files.

Here’s a link to the files that I am working with Drawings

A link to the source post is also necessary:

Try this:

  1. Ensure link is set to room bounding
  2. Get all rooms from linked model
  3. Get location points of rooms
  4. Create new rooms in active file with location points
  5. Transfer room name and number Parameter values to new rooms
  6. Close Dynamo and create a Revit furniture schedule and add the room name a number Parameter to it

Yeah, that was the problem one. I literally used that script entirely and it did nothing when I ran it. It found the rooms, but that’s it.

This is basically what office already does, but without Dynamo. They just copy over the rooms from the Architectural model and put them in the furniture model. We do mostly K-12 schools and room names and numbers change so often that the scheduling gets so screwed up. We just had a school district change the numbering on us in the middle of a submittal and it gets really messy trying to get all these room numbers to line up.

I am going to try your method and retry the others and see if maybe I can get it to work now that it’s a new day. It was just weird that I got no errors in the second one, but nothing ever was actually written to the furniture families

I would add two steps:

2.1, filter out rooms which are unplaced or redundant, as those will cause errors, often to the point where things won’t work out. After that you need to di Get the area parameter from the room, and filter out rooms with areas which are not greater than 0.

2.2, filter out rooms which are not in the active design option (if you have any), as those will also create issues.

Personally I han’t gone the ‘make a new room’ route but instead used a containment test based on the room in the link, grouped the elements acordigly, and set values based on the data from the link.

I was working with rooms relative to areas not furniture relative to rooms, but I can’t see any reason t wouldn’t work here.

I will try these all out for sure. Thank you for the help. I will be updating this once I get to the solution

I think that this is getting pretty close. We don’t have design options for rooms thankfully, but we do have design options for the furniture and most of the furniture is in the main model. I need to filter out furniture that is not in any design option and then furniture that is in a design option AND make it so these parameters can be set to furniture that are in groups. I am getting there, but is this possible? It seems like it may be better to go the route of creating new rooms in the furniture model if the projects go with so many design options.

It’s hard to say which is best without seeing your entire setup and the overall environment, but both are doable in either direction. Personally I don’t like having duplicates of anything so I avoid duplicating rooms. You wouldn’t duplicate the doors so that you could refer the door hardware to the duplicate door, so why do it with rooms? Rooms are certainly less problematic than doors (well some aspects of them are), but if I can avoid duplicating them, I will.

However I realize that this doesn’t always work well in a teams environment or workflow, so sometimes I go this route. Just remember that the rooms may have some odd behavior in some of the duplication/cross over. I specifically recall a recent issue where a coworker had duplicated rooms across models, but had done so in a way which made them all think they were on the wrong level - everything scheduled as if it was on level 1, even if it was 12 floors up.

For the design options - if the rooms don’t change but the furniture does, then I don’t know if you need to filter out the design options in the long run. Get it running with only the current option first (if you can’t make it work on a part of the data set, then how will you make it work on a larger data set with more potential pitfalls?). After than remove the design option filter and see what happens if you attempt to set the parameter values for all of the furniture elements. It may or may not lock you out of editing the elements as you aren’t actively editing the design option - I honestly can’t recall and don’t have a test model to play with. If that is the case than you may need to run the script once for each design option, which may tip the scale in favor of a duplicated room method.

any updates on this?

I actually got a script that works without having to create fake room parameters in the linked model. I will share once I get back to my office.

Here’s the script that I got that copies in rooms from a linked model. Props to Michael Kilkelly of Archsmarter for making this possibleCopy Rooms from Linked File.dyn (32.2 KB)


Thanks for sharing the code. If its not too much trouble can you share the image snap also?

I am using dynamo 1.3 and i cannot open the code.

thanks a lot

Here’s an image of the script.


Hi thanks for the snap. can you share the phyton script?

Here’s the code.Copy Rooms from Link.txt (421 Bytes)

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