Write the roomnumber from a linked model into the families in my model

hi Guys!
I have attached a simple example to test the scenario: OneDrive files

I have a Project “Einzelprojekt.rvt”, there are all the families, doors etc. and another linked projekt “Hauptprojekt.rvt”. In the Hauptprojekt.rvt are all the rooms placed. I could manage to get the room number into some families, but e.g. the doors or wash basin is not working. I have opened the family to activate the room calculation point without success.

The goal is to create a schedule with elements and the corresponding room number etc

Any suggestions?

Thank youtest3.dyn|attachment (15.9 KB)

This didn’t work for me. Elements in rooms are returning null. Can someone please help? I have a linked file of rooms and model elements like floors, walls, doors and furniture on the other file.

Solved it in a simpler way.