Apply room colour scheme to 3d rooms in dynamo bim

CapturROOM SCHEMHi, I would like to know if there is a way to apply the room color scheme from rooms to the 3D masses in Dynamo

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Did you check out this post?

I have been looking at some of the different ways to have a 3D model view which matches the colours of a 2D plan Name or Department Legend.

I have been using Dynamo to create surfaces from the room boundaries. The code works and you can see the coloured surfaces in dynamo but in Revit the colours don’t seem to display correctly

Here is a screen shot of revit in 3D, has you can see all the rooms appear to have a Transparency effect so the colour appears washed out but its set to 0.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas why this maybe happening or if I need to change the code in Dynamo.

Thanks in advance


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Found the issue. No phasing created is set in Revit for the imported objects that dynamo creates.

Does anyone know how I could automatically set the phase created parameter in the Dynamo code?


Hi Trevor,

Can you ask this question by creating new topic?

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