Apply a sequence to a schedule

Hi, i am a brazillian engineer, focused on hydrosanitary projects, and i work with dynamo for optimize my workflow.
recently i have a trouble. (sorry for my bad english and sorry for images in portuguese)

i have lots of tables to manage, and one of parameters i have to edit manually is a “identify” composed by a one character and number (A22 for example).
but the value of “identify” change with description and dimension. (this 2 have parameters separeted)
i only can make a routine to put this identifiers based in one parameter. (a identifier that changes togheter with a descripiton for exeample).

I would like make a dynamo that can change every time one of this two parameters change.
pratical exemple
i have a 90° elblow of Ø50 and Ø100, i need a dynamo that can be assigned a “C01” to elblow Ø50 and “C02” in elblow Ø100.

I hope someone understands me and can help me, I really can’t find a solution.

Maybe a Dictionary is the way to go?

diameter + discription = key
and then each key gets a value.