Revit Schedule Manipulation


I’m new when it comes to Dynamo but after looking through these forums I think Dynamo can help solve my problem but still need some guidance.

My projects will typically include three schedules

Equipment Schedule, populated based on Specialty Equipment families with Type Mark, Count, Description and Key.

Plumbing Schedule, populated based on Plumbing fixtures but also includes Type mark, description, along with relevant plumbing parameters.

Electrical Schedule mirrors the plumbing schedule but focused on electrical data.

The description field is a text field and the problem is we are retyping the “Description” for each schedule. My goal is to somehow automatically populate the description field based on the type mark we assign to the family. Is there a way I can associate the description on the plumbing/electrical schedule to the type mark we assign on the Equipment Schedule?



This is not a Schedule problem, it’s a data problem in your Family Types.

I would strongly suggest first taking a look why that data is not in your library of elements in the first place.

Then, if you need to go this route, learn about Dynamo dictionaries and how to set Type parameters, search around on this forum, you should find plenty of examples to start working from.

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I’m not sure if I agree, I may not have explained well enough.
Our equipment schedule is only looking for Special Equipment Families and the associated parameters. When I drop in equipment, we utilize the Type Mark parameter to fill out our equipment schedule but we use a Text parameter for Description.

When we drop in plumbing fixtures associated with that equipment, we will use the same Type Mark but have to retype the item description. While the Type Mark and Description parameters are the same parameters used in the equipment schedule, they are relative to the Type of family. For example, I type Mark the drop in sink and give it a description in my equipment schedule; I then drop in a plumbing fixture and type mark it the same number as the Equipment (1), ideally I’d like Revit to recognize the same Item number and prepopulate the description.


I agree.
If the data for your family types is built in to your content, then there isn’t anything special that needs to be done. It sounds like you should be building Type Catalogs for your content.

Can you do what you request with Dynamo? Yes. But there are better tools at the end user level than trying to run a program each time for this information.

I’m not sure I understand.
So the sink is not a plumbing fixture? Is this food service equipment? It is specialty equipment? And if so, why?
Then what is the ‘plumbing fixture’? The same thing as a sink?

Hey Aaron,

You are correct, this is food service equipment so we type it as Specialty Equipment. We follow FCSI standards and they dictate to categorize food service equipment as specialty equipment.
The plumbing fixture itself is the hot/cold water lines necessary for the sink. We will tag the water rough-in with the same Type Mark as the equipment it serves


Got it.
It should be noted that Revit 2022 now has a Food Service category. Finally!

If you can’t use Revit 2022… then.
Based on what I see, you are placing two different elements at the project level.
The best way to deal with this would be nested shared families. Nest your plumbing fixture inside the sink fixture. With that done - you can link parameters between the two families and add the intelligence at that level.
Both objects can still schedule separately. And the plumbing fixture can still be tapped and plumbed with piping.

This will be a much more robust solution to your problem rather than trying to figure it all out with Dynamo.

You are awesome, thank you!