Subassembly.SetParameterValueByName Node

I would love to understand where I’m going wrong here. The parameters I have specified in dynamo are not making it to the subassembly. I’ve tried just updating a single parameter instead of a list of them, but I can’t seem to get that to work either. I found a different post indicating that levels were the culprit, but I have tried several different configurations of levels and have not found that to be successful, either. Has anyone had success with this yet?

Hi @jkreger5P63A,

For stock subassemblies, the ‘name’ that you see in the properties window is not the same as what is used internally. To get the internal name, use a Subassembly.Parameters node.


@mzjensen - Thank you. As always, you’re quite helpful. Somebody should give you a raise. :slight_smile:

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