Apparently you cannot bring Boole Node to come to Dynamo Player

Can it not be done to show Boole Node from Dynamo Player?


Hi @mdhutchinson

I hope i’m getting what you are after
I can see it can in this vid something, is this what you mean?
Booleans are set before it runs
I’m Dutch, sorry for my language, i can see it stinks

Sure you can.

Booleans and strings and number-sliders etc. can easily be set to inputs.
Your ‘Clear ‘Valve’ from Type Comment parameter’ boolean looks like a choice that the user can choose.

But you want the boolean to be output? Also no problem but with outputs it’s a bit different.
If you want the output to show in the player you must attach a Watch-node to it

boolean 2.dyn (8.1 KB)

boolean.dyn (7.9 KB)


Select “Is Input” and clear “Is Output” and then you’ll see it in Dynamo Player.

This what I missed… setting as Input.

Thanks to all…

and @Marcel_Rijsmus … thanks for the video. Cool. I am saving this to my fav’s.

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maybe put this guys playlist on youtube to your fav’s
@Karam_Baki :+1: