Dynamo Player and User Input



This is my first time using Dynamo Player, I’ve got my code working just fine, but I’ve run into some long run times. I optimized my code and made it run a ton faster, one of the features I added was the ability to turn on and off what families are being called to get information from and update. Looks like this (with a ton more inputs obviously):

My question: Is there a way to somehow get a dialog box to appear that will allow me to toggle the Boolean values seen in the left side of my graph above when I go to Dyanmo player, run this program from the player? I want to change these values without having to go into my actual code, shuffle through 20 different nodes to select what I want on and off. (I don’t really mind, but many people are going to be using this program so its mainly a feature I want added for the non-Dynamo users to more easily use my program)


Look into the datashapes package for input methods.
There is a radio button node that allows for selection of elements by true/false which I think is optimal for your case.


Datashapes worked perfect. Awesome package with some really great features, thanks for the tip