Failed to Set Sequence of Dynamo Nodes for User Input on Dynamo Player


I want to create a script to prompt user input for “Categories and Levels” followed with a task dialog to choose a custom dropdown list (this comes second), but I tried a few ways including passthrough nodes from Clockwork and dummy python script, yet when I run the script on Dynamo Player it still starts with the custom task dialog first. May I know why this happens?

Thank you!!

@efyst2 what happens if you Input/ expose the Boolean node to appear in the Player? first, you Run with Boolean set to False, you check/ do what you want to do, then you Run the Boolean set to True.

Hi @tradelie thank you for your reply. Things were better after I made it false and set it to True after starting Dynamo Player, it’s just that the terms True/False don’t seem very logical. I have another question here which I don’t know if I should open a new thread for but I would like to ask here - is there a way for me to loop this script for like, different levels/different elements, which can then be played on Dynamo Player? The passthrough nodes were left there because I was hoping to set a forced sequence for these different functions but they didn’t seem to work.

My initial plan is to filter through elements by category and level, and then assign a factor to them for further calculations later. If there are two families in a category, say for walls - external and internal walls, I was hoping to reiterate this process by prompting the user to state if (1) there are other families left to assign the factors; and (2) proceed to the next level.

Can I ask for some advice on how I should plan my script for such an operation? I really appreciate the help!

Thank you.

@efyst2 You can do something like this, you can repeat the Bool node many times and capture the results before taking an action, as long as your actions are in order;
I do not find much sense in filtering by Level if you are changing Type parameters, but that would be up to you:

Player.dyn (38.6 KB)

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Thank you for the help!

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