Anyone use dynamo for Calculation Stair formwork?

hello sir
i need to get Stair formwork area
i use Bilegion package i get side area and top area but i don’t get slant area of stair

Anyone Can advice me how to find Stair formwork area ?

Thank you

hi @Siwawut.Pattanasri can i know the status of your issue regarding in getting slant area of stair?
i also have this problem

@Siwawut.Pattanasri i also tried the node formworkArea but it gives warning. do you have any idea why it gives warning?

Hi @junjabinal

Yellow Warning indicates the input name should be a valid variable name, without spaces inside custom node. So to fix this issue double click on the custom node and do these changes:



i can do it now by get normal Vector from surface and filter value to get slant area.

Thanks a lot @Kulkul the formworkArea node is working now but in my test case there is some issue.
It gives some warning in some node and as you can see in the image the result of formworkArea is null.
can you help me.
thank you for helping beginners like me. God Bless

hi @Siwawut.Pattanasri
can i see the sequence of the node.
thank you for helping beginners like me.
as of now i’m trying to analyze how can i use each node.

find surface area with vector
vector z = 1 you will get top surface
vector z = 0 you will get side surface
vector z =-1 you will get bottom surface
i find the slant surface by filter vector z value


buen día, lograron definir al final el nodo?; yo intente de esta manera pero al final me salen artos datos y ninguno coincide metrandolo manualmente, si alguien me puede ayudar porfavor soy nuevo; o hay otra forma de metrar escaleras ??